About Michelle Keast

Born and raised in North Vancouver, British Columbia, I grew up with very strong family values. I am happily married to my loving and supportive husband, Mike, and a devoted and dedicated mother of two young children and step-mother to two teenage boys.

I received a Diploma in Early Childhood Care and Education at Capilano University and then earned a Bachelor of Education with a specialization in Special Needs from the University of British Columbia. After teaching Kindergarten for eight years, I went on to complete a Graduate Diploma in Advanced Professional Studies in Education (GDE) in the “Learning in the early years” program at Simon Fraser University.

My dream is to spread kindness from one mom to another by proactively telling fellow moms “you got this, mama,” letting them know that they are a part of a village of moms that support one another.

My Personal Story

I never imagined that I would have endured challenges with breastfeeding. I always just thought it was a choice to either breastfeed or not and I choose that I wanted to. However, after my son was born I found out that I couldn’t produce enough breast milk to sufficiently feed him. This caused me a great deal of pain and shame. I took this to be that I was failing as a mom. 

I found I encountered judgement from others and this only added to my pain and shame. When my second child was born I was a little more prepared for the possibility that this might happen again. This time though I was fortunate to have more support through connections with other moms to help me with what I was experiencing. My children are now 6 and 3 and at times I am still reminded of how I felt and it still hurts.

This is what has driven me to write a book and also create this website.

As moms, we experience a wide variety of challenges and triumphs from the time we decide we want to have children all the way to when they grow into adulthood. Whether it be postpartum depression and anxiety, toilet training, sleep schedules, anxiety in our children, education, or even where to find a good photographer to take pictures of our families, just to mention a few. In each

of these situations, we can be made to feel frustration, guilt, shame and judgement from others when what we really need is encouragement, a helping hand and support.

A while ago I started to tell other moms “You got this, mama!” when I witnessed them in various frustrating mummying moments that we all have. You know the ones, like when your child is losing their mind having a meltdown in public or when you have your hands full and the kids start fighting. These are tough moments in parenting – we all know parenting is a hard at times! I wanted to reach out just to let them know they are not alone and to reaffirm what they already know in their heart – that they can handle any situation that involves their children. 

Now I want to take it a step further. My vision is to have a forum where moms can connect and share their successful ideas, tips, resources and stories to help another mom. There is so much parenting information out there and so many places to go looking that it can be overwhelming. I know as a mom my best advice and support has always come from other moms.

I have designed Village of Moms to be a place where we moms can locate resources within our own communities and get information, help and support from one another in an organized format so that it’s easier for us to find what we need.

I have started this website and will strive to organize the information and resources so that it is easier for us to get what we need but I can’t do it alone.

They say it takes a village to raise a child so let’s create a Village of Moms to help and support one another.

Please join me in building our Village of Moms by sharing links, stories, tips, books or anything else that you have found helpful in your journey as a fellow mom.

“You got this mama!”

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